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Illusion - Frank Peretti I can't decide if I want to give this 1 star or 4 stars. I think I'm going to go with 2, which is too bad.I enjoyed about 75% of this book, the other 25% annoyed me greatly.The premise was fascinating, and I was invested in the main characters.At one time, I think I probably knew that Peretti was considered a Christian author, but I had forgotten it. If I had remembered I might not have even picked this up. But I did, and while I noticed the "it's a God thing" type comments throughout the first part of the book, these were just part of who the characters were and that was fine with me -- they worked and felt natural.But then, at the end of the book, as we started to hit the climax, it was like the author suddenly remember "Hey! I'm a Christian author!" and thought maybe he'd better throw in some more "God" stuff and it completely brought me out of the story. That was the point at which I stopped reading and flipped to the back flap to see if that had any clues to what was going on. I did finish the book, but with a lot less goodwill toward the author, and I skimmed the end, just to finish.Now, don't get me wrong: it's not that I object to the inclusion of prayer and references to the character's beliefs and spirituality, my problem was with the really kludgy way that I felt it was handled in this particular book. I was left frustrated because all I can think of is how much I disliked the end of the book, when I had spent the first part of the book thinking it was so great.