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Beastly - Alex Flinn I wanted to like this more than I did.There were some interesting bits, and I liked it well enough to finish, but I spent most of the book thinking more about how I would review it, rather than getting lost in it.This is going to sound a bit stupid, but I had trouble suspending disbelief on this one. (I know, of all of the SFF I read, I'm going to quibble about whether or not it's believable??). I guess that's what makes a book really good: convince me that your outrageous idea is not so outrageous, and I'm yours.I think I was more interested in this from the standpoint that it will be kicking off my focus on retold stories, rather than the book itself. Something of a disappointing start, but I have high hopes for my next read.And oddly, I went and looked at the trailer for the movie based on the book, and THAT actually looks like a more interesting update to the premise.