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The Madman's Daughter

The Madman's Daughter - There was a lot to love about this dark, creepy tale. As with other books that I've had on my "high-expectations" list, I was a little leery to start this one, but thankfully, the ice/fog day we had on Monday gave me the perfect opportunity to read this in one fell-swoop and it was a great read.And by "great," I mean very twisted and weird and scary. It's no surprise that this is based on [b:The Island of Dr. Moreau|29981|The Island of Dr. Moreau|H. G. Wells|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320523623s/29981.jpg|68894] by H.G. Wells, and I don't think it's a spoiler that our main character's father, Dr. Moreau, himself, is involved in some pretty horrifying science experiments involving animals and humans. The choice to tell this story from the perspective of an imagined daughter (Juliet) who was abandoned by her father (and whose mother has since died), was an interesting one. She is very compelling, a young woman who is brighter and more capable than anyone will allow her to be. She does spend a little more time being dense than I would have liked, and not asking question sooner about some things that seemed to need questioning.I was as surprised as she was, though, by the twists and turns her story takes. The love triangle was a little overdone, in my opinion. That might just be me projecting, though, because I'm getting kind of tired of angsty love triangles. Books don't always need triangles to hold my interest. The cliffhanger-y ending of this didn't bug me the way some of these 1st-book-in-a-trilogy tend to. Maybe because I actually figured out what was happening about 2 pages before Juilet did, which actually made the actual ending even more wrenching for me on her behalf.This is a very excellent debut, and I will definitely be waiting for the rest of this story.Also, I have to mention: I seriously hope all of the book covers are as gorgeous as this one. Love it. :)(I read this as an ARC as part of an ARC tour. I will be mailing this book on to the next person in the tour just as soon as the weather allows me to actually leave my house. Also, the post office is now closed for the day).