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The Human Division #2: Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank - John Scalzi I'm a fan of Scalzi's work, he makes me think and he tells good stories. I am enjoying this new experiment of his, with this book released in episodes.This is very short, especially after last week's long introduction, but I was OK with it, because it was very different. The fact that it was told completely in dialogue was at first jarring, but I realized as I read that i didn't need the description of the setting or the action, because I *knew* what was going on. I have read and watched enough SFF that I had a pretty good picture of the people and the place, and that came both from my own imagination and from the word's the characters were speaking.Did I want more? OF course, but then, I knew what to expect, since it's been very clear that some of these episodes would be quite short.I think it's disappointing that people choose to rate books on things like the price, rather than the merit of the work itself. Also, I think that saying $0.99 for this is too much is disrespectful to the author. You can reread his words many times, you can't redrink the cup of coffee that you probably paid more than a dollar for.