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Arcadia's Gift (Arcadia Trilogy #1)

Arcadia's Gift (Arcadia Trilogy #1) - Jesi Lea Ryan I enjoyed this book for a number of reasons: likable main character, interesting premise, romance that didn't feel forced or annoying, and IOWA. (I live in Iowa, and we get the short end of the stick so often. I loved the use of Dubuque as a setting, the level of detail included was just perfect, but it didn't feel like it was just a "regional" book to me. And of course, the setting itself plays an important role in what happens to Cady and her family.I look forward to reading sequels, but I appreciate that this book felt like a complete story. It's clear that the author has more to tell us about Cady and her family and friends, but I didn't feel frustrated that I was left hanging as so many authors feel they need to do. I hope that Ryan spends some time exploring how Arcadia's Gift affects her relationships with her family and her love interest(s).My only quibble was that the situation with Cady's mother felt a little forced or over the top, but that's kind of a minor quibble.All in all, a great read from an author that I would like to read more of.(downloaded from Amazon.com when it was free).