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Easy - Tammara Webber I finished this a few days ago, but had to let it settle before I could write a review.{I received a copy of this from a GoodReads First Reads Giveaway}I have only read some contemporary YA, as the SFF stuff appeals to me more. I work at a high school, so reading about teenagers in all their angst is not totally appealing to me.This, though, skews a little older (characters are in college, rather than high school), and it is such a beautifully written book: it grabbed me right from the start.The heroine was awesome (she plays the upright bass, for pete's sake!), and the hero is very crush-worthy. The book deals with a very difficult topic, but I thought it was done well, and appreciated the humor included throughout.My only quibble is the rampant underage drinking and promiscuity. I know I'm old and that all of this is probably entirely accurate, so this reaction is probably more on the lines of wishing the world weren't this way, rather than a gripe about the book itself. I also liked that it wasn't just a happily-ever-after kind of an ending: it ended happily, but acknowledges that the end of this story is really the beginning of the rest of the characters' lives.