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The Crown of Embers

The Crown of Embers - Rae Carson I preordered this about 2 seconds after I finished the first in the series.Loved this one even more, and I really enjoyed the first.The world-building (esp. that it's a Spanish based culture, rather than Anglo-Saxon), the mysteries, the character development, the romance, Elisa, Hector, and so on, and so forth.It is the 2nd of a trilogy, so new readers definitely should start with the first, but I also appreciated how skillfully Carson reminded us of what had happened in book one. Some authors beat you over the head, some don't do enough, but this was just exactly perfect.I had a really terrible day yesterday, and was thrilled that I had this book to come home to. And yes, I read it in an evening (and stayed up waaaaay too late reading it....). I will definitely read all of the books again in the future, and I don't reread very much.