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Incarnation - Emma Cornwall I have been entering Goodreads giveaways for awhile, and this morning I was pretty excited to wake up and find out that I had won a copy of this!!! I can't wait for it to arrive......9/18: I decided to wait a bit before I posted my review, because I wanted to think about what I wanted to say. Ultimately, I did enjoy this book, however that comes with some caveats...if I had not won this book in the First Reads giveaway, I might have decided within the first few pages to give up, because the beginning is very confusing. I'm glad I pushed through, but I suspect that some people will just be turned off and quit.In retrospect, it's possible that the confusion is intentional, because the main character, Lucy, who is also the first-person narrator is also confused. It was also a little bit boring, because it was all background, background, background, and then FINALLY. We get to London and it gets interesting.It was a very interesting take on vampires, and the like, and as I said, it was glad to have pushed through, and will definitely read other works in this universe, which I assume will be forthcoming based on the way the book ended.